In a wide ranging poll for the Mile End Institute, YouGov asked 1,114 adult Londoners about their voting intentions, views of their local councils, trust in the Metropolitan Police and much else, including what they think about the legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games for the capital as their tenth anniversary approaches.

The question asked was: Do you think the London Olympics has left a positive or negative long-term legacy for London or has it not made much difference? The responses were:

  • Fairly positive – 31 per cent.

  • Very positive – 8 per cent.

  • Fairly negative – 3 per cent.

  • Very negative – 3 per cent.

  • No difference – 42 per cent.

  • Don’t know – 14 per cent.

What should be made of that outcome? The plurality 42 per cent added to the 14 per cent “don’t know” figure adds up to a small majority who either don’t think the Games, such a huge success for London and the country at the time, have had any lasting long-term good impact for the capital, or haven’t noticed one.

On the other hand, the total of 39 per cent who think the Games legacy has been positive far outweighs the six percent who think it has been negative. That’s more encouraging news for the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), the body accountable to the Mayor that has been responsible for the planning and management of the Olympic Park and its surrounding area since 2012 and is gearing up for tenth anniversary celebrations in the summer.


Dave Hill: What do Londoners think about the 2012 Olympics legacy?
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