Dear Dame,

I have some concerns over BetterStreets4KC.

The group is supporting, on Twatter,  London Car Free Day who are attempting to block Exhibition Road on weekends dedicating the shared road for pedestrians only; claiming safety of museum visitors though these roads have pedestrian crossings.   

An attempt would increase traffic and pollution in the surrounding area but have a ripple effect on the rest of the capital.  

When there are fewer drivers on the road due to COVID as well as Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ tax why would this be essential?

The concern is that BetterStreets4KC tout themselves as representatives of Kensington & Chelsea residents garnering favourable outcomes for their wishes when this is not the true will of the tax paying residents.  

Their main intention is to reinstate High Street Kensington bike lane which is the benefit of a majority who either do not contribute to the borough or appear to live or work in it.

In July BetterStreets4KC raised over £10,000 after asking for donations for a judicial review of High Street Ken bike lane through Crowd Justice.  On the 27th July 2021 they wrote to say, “we have finalised our stretch target and have now closed the fundraiser having successfully raised sufficient funds to cover potential legal costs & associated fees (estimated £12,200)

As mentioned we will now draft a Q&A along with outlining how the funds will be used and will share these very soon.  Best wishes Better Street 4KC” no update has been made since”

We do not know who they are and if the money that has been raised is being used for the purpose advertised: there is no address or person to show whether they are who they say they are. 

There is only a gmail account as the sole point of contact.  They are supported by London Cycling Campaign a registered charity who only name their trustees:


Chair/HR Committee Co Chair: Terry Patterson

Vice Chair: Eilidh Murray

Treasurer: Simon Clark

HR Committee Chair: Christian Wolmar

Chair Business Committee/HR Committee Co-Chair: James Heath

Co-Chair Policy Forum: Pearl Ahrens

Co-Chair Policy Forum: Sylvia Gauthereau

Co-Chair CAMS: Aidan Chisholm

HR Committee Co-Chair, C&AM Co-Chair: Kris Sangani

Trustee: Stuart Kightley

Trustee: Sarah Strong

Concern 1 here is transparency: who this group is and who benefits from it. Concern 2 is that London Cycling Campaign are using “betterstreets” as fronts what appear to be local organic groups which are actually centrally controlled by LCC pursuing their aims.  

Latest registered accounts £1,077,903 which £320,000 includes government contracts.


I find it odd that something like BetterStreets4KC can operate without stringent checks and balances and leaving no one accountable.


Yours truly

A RB&C Resident

from “From the Hornet’s Nest”