Kensington has changed. It changed irrevocably on 14 June 2017 with the horrific Grenfell Tower fire. One word that has come to have tremendous resonance in the last couple of years has been ‘community’ – and it is in celebration of the importance of community that this website has been established. It is community inspired and community run, 


Residents need their voices listened to. And not only in North Kensington – throughout the borough. The number of planning applications that have attracted such fierce opposition in recent years – and there are more looming.  The issue of safety is now so high up the agenda – and rightly so! Education – the future of Wornington College is still undecided and there are too few secondary schools in the borough.  


This is a small, densely populated borough with multiple languages spoken and many different nationalities and cultures living side by side. There are issues where residents do not feel their views are taken really seriously – and this, of course, applies nationally as well locally.


This website will follow the news, highlight the views and feature people and places in Kensington. We have a great borough – part of course of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. There are people and organisations that work very hard for Kensington and they will be featured. It is constantly changing and that is why there will be no shortage of things to write about. Praise will be given when deserved and criticism will be fair, balanced and levelled when needed. 

Editor – Annie Redmile

Designer and Technical Editor  – John Catto


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