I have never been more grateful to have a skilled colleague like John Catto to work with on this site. He called me last night to tell me that we have had our own virus on the website! He has worked tirelessly to fix the problems.

The problem is it wiped out part of the site, including items I have written! Is someone trying to tell me something?!!!! John has retrieved articles from our contributors Dave Hill of On London and The Dame, but most of my articles posted in recent weeks seemed to have disappeared.

John has looked at new ways to protect the site and we’ll certainly carry on. Certain sections like my blog, News in Brief and Local Events I input directly to the site. Other articles go through John – who designed and manages the site.

And so, my apologies for any lost information. I’ll write more for the site in the next week with John guarding it carefully,

And just to complete my evening, I had a power cut. Nothing like being worried, in splendid isolation and in darkness!! I am grateful to my Kindle and some extra battery driven lighting I have.

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