Hot on the heels of the petition to Save Kensington High Street from cycle lanes and Tfl and the Mayor of London, my campaigning blood is boiling at an even higher temperature at the attempt to close and re-develop the site of the Royal Brompton Hospital!

I have very good reasons to want to save the hospital. I have been a patient there for more than 30 years. It is quite simply a totally brilliant world-class hospital for both care and research. 

How I dislike the grubby, greedy opportunists that think profit and development before people, patients and residents. 

I have signed the petition, obviously, and would appeal to everyone who feels even a little of the passion I feel to please sign it too.

When you discover just some of the work the hospital has carried out in terms of care and research during the Covid 19 crisis you wouldn’t hesitate to fight to keep it. 

Save the Brompton Hospital!