Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Two companies have responsibility for the disastrous flooding in July.

They are Thames Water and the Council’s Gully Cleaning contractor, Suez.

At the Town Hall meeting, voices were raised in fury at the absence of any form of gully cleaning by French-owned Suez contributing to the flooding caused by Chinese/ Middle Eastern-owned Thames Water.

The redoubtable Marion Gettleson (aka Mrs. Portobello) smashed Council claims that gully cleaning tankers were regular sights on our streets. The reality is that Suez lie about gully cleaning and never bother with this part of their contract.

Thanks to Marion we are at last seeing the Council forcing Suez to do their job.

Are we now so enfeebled as a nation that we have to rely on the Chinese and French? If we are it’s doing us no good!


From The Hornet’s Nest

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