Thursday, 10 June 2021

Get back on the streets


This email highlights the sheer fearlessness of London criminals.

The Dame does not believe there is a shortage of police: she does believe there is a dearth of skills amongst senior police management.

We need to return to the days when the Force was run with rigour by officers with a military background who understood man management. Too often we see police aimlessly driving around in vans and luxury 4 x 4’s when they should be off their backsides and walking the streets of London. 

Dear Dame

Sorry about emailing you again this is on a different subject and didn’t want to overload you on one email.

On Sunday night, 6th June, with many people walking about a man attempted to steal an Eardley Crescent resident’s bike.  Dressed in black and armed with an angle grinder.   He carried on attempting to steal the bike even after residents shouted at him to stop, even banging on their windows.  He only stopped and packed up after more residents came out of their homes to intervene.  This was not the end of it as he came back a few minutes later to try and pull the bike off its chain and only stopped after police arrived with their lights on, they do not appear to have caught the would-be thief.

This is the third time within a year the road has been targeted by thieves with an angle grinder outside residents’ homes and bike rack at the Warwick road end. 

One feels this is why foot patrols by the Met are important not so much to catch but to deter crime.  As well as to be part of the community and even gather intelligence of criminal goings on! 

All the best

A Resident


Originally published at From The Hornet’s Nest

The Dame: Lawless London
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