There are times when a stance must be taken and common sense has to prevail. And, the current debate over ‘cycling lanes’ on Kensington High Street is just one of those times.

Although the views expressed in my blog are, by definition, my own, I have listened to the views of a lot of people. And, I am convinced, as do many, the cycle lanes – currently a so-called temporary experiment – must just go!

I am not anti-cyclist. If I could these days I would cycle. But, this is where common sense has to come in. And, also the honest recognition that compromise is part of living in a big city like London. 

Kensington High Street is just too narrow to support a dedicated cycle lane. It is now understood that Tfl and the Mayor of London are threatening to turn Kensington High Street into. Red Route. Oh no!!!!!

Everyone understands that cycling is healthy, a good way to go if you can and it has a big support lobby. But, there are many other people and organisations affected by the current experiment and their views must be listened to and taken into consideration. 

A personal example, I am not very mobile at the moment and am very reliant on using Black Cabs with my Taxicard. I booked one on Remembrance day to take me up to St Mary Abbots Church at the corner of Kensington Church Street – not a long journey but only possible for me at the moment with transport. The cab could not get to me because of the congestion on Kensington High Street. My friend who was escorting me organised an Uber and it took remarkable manoeuvring around the streets and great patience from the driver to get from Pembroke Road to St Mary Abbots Church – and a long time!

 Kensington High Steet matters to those who live around it, work in it and want to use it. A permanent traffic jam cannot be fair, reasonable or the right way to go. 

This is our High Street. Back off Tfl, Mayor of London, Central Government and any and all minority lobbies. Cyclists would not be banned from the High Street, just asked to share it. To share it, not dominate it and inconvenience everyone else

I am encouraging anyone who feels strongly about a fair deal for the High Street to email:

I intend to do just that!

Fighting the Chaos on Kensington High Street