OK, today is my day for a whinge or two! I prefer to praise rather than criticise but I am human too! I have lost track of the number of surveys I have received recently, mostly by email and text. 

It seems to be almost impossible to order anything, contact anyone, go anywhere without a survey following in hot pursuit. I understand organisations want to know what we think and receive comments and ideas to guide their customer service, but come on guys! I received a survey after one of my falls recently when I was taken by ambulance to A & E. Would I recommend it to a friend. Well no – not falling over and spending 12 hours in A & E before going on to an actual ward. The whinge is not about the time In this case – it was understandable. But a survey that asks if you would recommend someone to go to A & E, I don’t think people need encouragement – particularly not now. It is, of course, relevant to add that they are open for genuine cases and people in real need who cannot get to their GP. I praised the hospital recently with good reason, but the constant surveys really can be an irritant. 

And, I find it even more annoying when you are asked to give a score – 1 – 5 with 5 indicating most likely to recommend- and then come back asking why you gave that score? ‘Enough already’! OK whinge over, back to praising again. 

I wrote about Age UK, in a recent blog. I want now to provide more contact information. This organisation is invaluable to older people – and there are a lot of us. I shall be covering services to others on the site – like the young for example – we are inclusive here!!

The website for the umbrella national charity is www.ageuk.org. On the top left-hand side, there is a Menu and the items covered under the drop-down list include covid 19, money and legal, health and wellbeing, care and support, work and learning. Information and Fact Sheets on all those topics covered in different formats – very informative and helpful.

There is a link for regional sites, for example for Kensington, www.ageuk.org/kensingtonandchelsea. Or direct to Kensington branch at www.aukc.org.uk.

Other details for Kensington, telephone number 020 8969 9105 9.30 – 4.00 Monday to Friday and email webmaster@aukc.org.uk. There are numerous services that are provided through local branches and can include – as well as information, advice and advocacy – day centres, luncheon clubs, home help, Handyperson schemes, IT and other training etc. 

Details about services in a specific area can be found on www.ageuk.org.uk/services-in-your-area or direct from the local branch. 

For other contact numbers, there is a number for a national helpline 365 days a year, call free on 0800 169 65 65. On this telephone number, you will be able to request information to be sent to you or be signposted through to the right organisation. 

There are also level two advisers available, but it is difficult to get through – entirely understandable because they really take time with callers and give very detailed advice. In my personal experience, it is worth holding on and being patient. The number is 0800 0320 4511. Lines are open from 9.00 to 4.30 Monday to Friday. 

I started with my whinges followed on by a neat segueway to praise and helpful information. 

That is my editorial philosophy for this site – inform, amuse, entertain and share. I hope I manage to do that most of the time. As I am working solo on the editorial side of the site, I am very thankful for the additional material carried, with their permission, from two great supporters – Dame Hornet and Dave Hill from On London. 



I Am Surveyed Out – And More Info!