It has been such a long time since  I have posted.  The reasons – mainly health-based. Not wishing to be a health-bore. After all the last couple of years or so have been a little challenging for many of us. News in brief for me – shielding, lockdowns (of course), a number of falls, including a broken shoulder, numerous chest infections and then major heart surgery last year. 

This is not a plea for sympathy. I don’t do excuses just give reasons!

When I was told by a number of health professionals and two friends who are ex-nurses that I should be patient – and it would take time to recover from my surgery, could be six to nine months – I thought ok, yeah maybe. But, they were right. And, so I have placed on record the reasons for my absence. 

I launched this website, thanks to the help and support of my talented friend John Catto. And, also support from my friend Alison McArthur and The Dame and the equally brilliant Dave Hill. It is thanks to the Dame and Dave Hill that the site has continued to have content and for John’s continued support. My thanks to you all. 

The aim of the site has always been to provide news and views of interest to people who live, work and visit Kensington  – a place that has been home for me and one that I have loved for many years now. 

I hope that I can gently start to be involved again now.  As I move equally gently to my 75th birthday on Saturday –  why be coy about age now?!! – my focus is on managing my life and health the best way I know how. After all I have the A team of A teams supporting me medically-speaking (GP, surgery Stanhope Mews West and Royal Brompton Hospital with very helpful interventions by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital). I want to be as active as possible with my community interests and this site. I am so lucky.

And so cheers – as I sit here sipping a Strawberry Mojito and listening to the Best of the Carpenters. I know it is a little early but I have always worked on the basis of the sun is over the yardarm somewhere in the world. 




Just Maybe!!!!