Personal Update 

I cannot believe it has taken so long since I last wrote on the site. I explained then that my health had had a blip and as well as ongoing chest infections I also developed Aortic Stenosis – a dodgy valve in the heart for the less medically inclined. 

I have just not felt well enough to cope with managing copy flow to the site apart from highlighting items from our wonderful contributors – Dave Hill and Dame Hornett. To them as usual my sincere thanks. And, also to my colleague John Catto who designed the site and has kept it going since the beginning. You are a star John!

Today I am going into the Royal Brompton Hospital and I am undergoing heart surgery on Wednesday. I couldn’t be in better hands. When I have recovered I expect to be back in action and will work on growing I love my borough and I love my site.

To everyone – stay safe and well.






My Wait is Almost Over!