I have been absent from the site for a few weeks with health challenges again. Thanks to my wonderful friend and techie expert John Catto and The Dame and Dave Hill, it has not meant a blank site!!!!! In other words, no-one is irreplaceable.

But, I do want to get more support for the site. That is why I am so keen to establish a Community Involvement Company to give the site a stronger backing. I have mentioned this before. And so, I want to move this forward before I take the next exciting step on my medical journey.

As to where I am there, I have had a couple of those regular old chest infections. You know breathless, lack of energy, hard to operate normally – very boring to read again I know.  But add to the mix a heart problem which is apparently getting worse – and there we have a slightly bigger challenge. 

I am currently waiting to go for Open-Heart surgery at the Royal Brompton Hospital.  A bit scary, yes, but I have such faith in the hospital and everything I know about my surgeon. That is the good news, but I may have a few months wait because of the number of Covid patients. I intend to use my waiting time as constructively as possible. 

And so, move ahead to set up the CIC and look for additional help on the editorial side. Any passionate committed community-minded journalists out there?!!!!!!! And other supporters too. 

Never Know What is Around the Corner!