‘Kensington will never be the same again’ – words quoted so many times since the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower Fire nearly two years ago.  The other word that has come to have tremendous resonance in the last year has been ‘community’. We have seen how communities can become strong in adversity and support each other – and that type of resilience is vital for the future and whatever it might hold.

It is in support and recognition of the importance of strong communities, working together for the future of Kensington, that is behind the launch of kensingtonview.com. It will be an independent site with – obviously – news, special features and comment, Annie’s Blog….. life, times and ageing in Kensington! And so, apart from the Blog, what will be different?  

It will be focused a lot on the communities and people of Kensington and with positive news and useful information – now that is different!!!!!

Any thoughts, ideas, stories to annie.redmile@gmail.com or go to Contact & Subscribe.

Why I just had to do it!
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