I do a lot of thinking about ‘managing my life’. It is because of ageing and health problems that it is important I do so! I quickly realised that ‘low maintenance’ had to be the order of the day.  I worked out that having ‘fake plants’ on both my balcony and in my home was a ’no brainer’!

They always look good. They do not need watering and can be changed when I become bored with them. I was amazed at the quality that is available. It is like having my own oasis. Good for my mood too. I found them all by searching on Amazon.

Never did I think I would use the expression ‘I am never alone with Amazon’! My early reaction to the idea of online shopping was bah!!, never, I am going to support my local shops. But, inevitably the convenience of not having to leave home and having something I need arrive quickly – a godsend. I still manage to see my ‘friends’ at Tesco with my sturdy trolley but when unwell things can be delivered. A lifesaver.

I am also very lucky. I have good neighbours. Community has always been very important to me and I think with thought and effort community spirit can be encouraged anywhere. I have had neighbours help with shopping, walking Dolly and even gardening. Somethings I am not able to do the way I once could. Thank you all of you – Janet, Rivers, Sana, Sorina, Stephen and others. I so appreciate your help.

But I also discovered the wonderful Cinnamon Trust. It is a charity based in Cornwall but with volunteers around the country. It was set up to support older people and those with terminal illnesses who can no longer look after their animals. I have been so impressed.

I found out about them thanks to Age UK Kensington and Chelsea – another great organisation! They will arrange volunteers to walk dogs. They can arrange foster care for emergencies and if covered in a will they will ensure your pet is cared for. It gives me such peace of mind.

And while I am in the mood to say thank you – something I much prefer to do rather than whinge and complain – I want to say a special thank you to the friends and colleagues who have supported me and enabled me to launch Kensington View. And, also to my friend and techie support for many years, John Catto. I could not do this without you John! You are brilliant and multi-talented.

And so, at the risk of embarrassing you all, a very special thank you to: Becky Tinsley, Alison McArthur, Bob and Joy Pickard, Jim and Pauline Tweedie, Hugh Dibley, Russell Lloyd, Colm Kelly, Stephen Durham and Nicholas Hopkins.

And another ‘thank you’, and well done to Dave Hill the writer, journalist and founder of On London – an exceptional website. A great way to follow on from his award-winning career with the Guardian. He is Mr London! Thank you, Dave, for your encouragement and for allowing Kensington Now to cover particular stories of interest – with a link of course!! Those of us who love London, should support each other!  


 Contact Details:

The Cinnamon Trust, email admin@cinnamon.org.uk, www.connamon.org.uk Tel 01736 757900

Age UK Kensington and Chelsea, email administration@aukc.org.uk


OnLondon – davehillonlondon@gmail.com www.onlondon.co.uk

Faking it can be Fun and it’s Good to Say Thank you!!
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