An exciting series of workshops covering film and TV production and games design and coding are starting this weekend, run by a local charity – leading young people through to jobs and further education. A diverse range of industry professionals, likely to be seen as good role models and ‘cool’, will lead the courses. The projects are also ‘hands-on, creative and collaborative – aiming to work well to integrate young people.
Throughout the project, there will be competitions and prizes and a presentation at the end. Available to 14 years plus up to the age of 25 and aimed at those who are at risk.
Film and TV production workshops starting Saturday 25 January for eight Saturdays. Games design and coding workshop will start Saturday 1 February for ten Saturdays and Tuesday evenings at Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road, London W10.
For more information contact or telephone 07703 312296

Exciting Film and TV Production and Games Design Workshops
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