The search is on for local people who are willing to help and support others during these difficult times.  The Council has been working in partnership with key local voluntary and community sector organisations to harness the knowledge and skills of local residents to provide help and support to others in need. 

There are many ways to help such as making contact with people who are isolated, providing practical help with food delivery or becoming a Covid-19 Health Champion.

As a health champion, you will receive the latest information and advice about Covid-19 and preventative measures to stop its spread to share with family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues. 

The Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea is continuing to register local people who want to support new and existing local services responding to the pandemic, as well as supporting local people to self-organise to support each other. 

Community organisations will recruit volunteers to the roles they think will best help people deal with the emergency. Roles that are offered to registered people will be subject to appropriate safeguarding checks to protect both the volunteers and the vulnerable people they will be supporting. 

The relevant community organisations will be responsible for training, managing and keeping volunteer safe. 

Volunteer Centre Kensington and Chelsea, 1 Thorpe Close, London W10 5XL, Tel: 020 8960 3722 email: registration 




Looking for Local Health Champions