There has been a  major boost for the Wornington College campaign with the confirmation of funding by the government of £32.3 million to purchase the building, fund refurbishment costs and support the proposed merger with Morley College.

The battle for Wornington has been fierce, persistent and passionate with great support from local residents and supporters. It intensified after the Grenfell tragedy as the college is seen as an important symbol for North Kensington and an incentive for continuing education for local people. 

The proposed building purchase and its transfer will be subject to ‘due diligence’ as well as checks by the colleges, the government and RBKC. The merger is expected to be completed around the end of this year following local consultation. 

The hope has been expressed officially that the newly merged college (Kensington and Chelsea College with Morley College) will provide the best possible foundation to become the outstanding further education in North Kensington. The colleges have been told they must now work together, with multi-agency partners and with residents, including the Save Wornington Campaign Group, to ensure that the new curriculum meets the needs of students in North Kensington. 

See story 4 July on ‘How Does this Make Sense for the Community?’ 

Major Boost for Wornington College and North Kensington