Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Association of British Insurers, Lady Morgan….needs to act

If you are a policyholder or insurance company shareholder you will have suffered a financial loss if proven that Thames Water acted negligently in not activating pumping stations on the evening of the 12th of July last year.

You join the other victims of the floods whose homes and lives were destroyed.  There is a growing belief that the flooding was avoidable if Thames Water had done its job.

The Rt.Hon Baroness Nicky Morgan


The Association of British Insurers

One America Square

17 Crosswall

London EC3N 2LB

7th May 2022

Dear Lady Morgan,

On the evening of 12th July last year I was just one of the thousands of Central London residents whose homes were destroyed by floods of raw sewage.

The elderly and the vulnerable were particularly tragic victims. For many, mental and physical illness followed the flooding. For others, financial ruin.

According to Thames Water, the floods were the result of intense and unprecedented rainfall.

Thames Water has set up an independent review into the extent and causes of the flood. One member of the Review lives in Copenhagen; another retired living in Yorkshire!

Increasingly, questions are being asked about what really happened on that day. Victims are no longer accepting the Thames Water version of the cause.

Questions are being asked as to why certain equipment was not turned on, especially as when pumps were activated the sewage drained away instantly.

We are not the only victims. If the conjecture about the inactivation of pumps is accurate then your members and their shareholders are also victims of Thames Water’s negligence.

May I suggest that ABI members set up their own review of what happened on that fateful evening of 12th July?

Please respond by email should you wish.

Kind regards