Sunday, 21 February 2021

Without Kate Bingham, we would be in the same vaccine mess as the EU.

Nadhim Zahawi appointed by Boris as Vaccine Tsar cleverly insinuated he somehow managed the vaccine rollout. 

No great surprise: he’s a friend and protege of that virtuous, self-publicist, Milord Archer. 

When he claimed,  “I stand on the shoulders of giants” it was a slick way of trying to pretend most of the credit was due to him when it was down to Bingham and the military.

What this odious man should have said is we all stand on the shoulders of that giant, Kate Bingham: that would have been the truth. 

It was Bingham’s  procurement foresightedness that ensured the vaccine programme will be complete by July

The political class has screwed up pandemic management at every stage. 

We have all been saved by a clever private equity specialist with a First Class degree in biochemistry from Oxford.

from FTHN

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