Thursday, 11 November 2021



Just when we thought sinister Tory connected developer Bimbo ‘HEARTLESS’ Hart had been sent scurrying back to his Swiss tax hideaway he’s back. This time under the skirts of a super luxury care home operator catering for ‘billionaire elderly’


The first application in 2016 was for a neurological care centre. 

On this basis, RBKC made an exemption to allow for a double basement. 

Promptly the wily developer changed plans to develop a luxury care home without any neurological care facilities  yet still insisting on the double basement.


Their 2020 application was rejected and cynically the developers presented Julia Darwent as an advocate. 

Poor Julia could not find a nearby care home for her mother. What Julia did not say was that she is the wife of Robert Darwent, a private equity tycoon and co-founder of Lion Capital. Mrs Darwent can not only afford private care for her mother but entire care homes it seems.


And what do RBKC do? 


Despite confirming a few years ago that the double basement exemption was not applicable for any other building purpose they are ready to approve a double basement for a luxury care home. 

Hart is now back with another application to build a luxury care home-part of his newly established KYN Group. 
Far too large, with a double basement again and for the luxury accommodation for the select few. We were amazed to read that KYN even has its own line of spa amenities “Kyth” for its Nina Campbell interior designed care homes. 
Is this really what our community needs?

What has changed RBKC’s views on this such that even Thames Water’s warnings against double basements are ignored. How many more flash floods does it take? 

Please click here PROTEST TO RBK&C No more basements!

  • It is far too large for the plot of land, required the removal of mature trees, 
  • includes significant plant for ventilation and heating which creates noise pollution. 
  • The double basement exemption is no longer valid. It is no longer a neurological rehab centre but a super-luxury care home 
  • Will cause immense dust and particle pollution with many small children and nurseries in the area. 

Even worse, is that this is a double basement planned in the midst of a Conservation Area…the Dame thought that they were particularly banned in Conservation Areas.


Importantly, why has the Borough’s caseworker changed her view? 

Why is an exemption made for a neurological care centre still in force for a luxury care home despite written confirmation by the same caseworker it would not be. 


Residents need to show their muscle and tell the Council that they will not be railroaded by Tory connected property developers like Hart and Ritblat.