Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The pandemic has wreaked havoc within the Borough’s small business community.
For reasons of cost and flexibility most use co-working offices to start and run their businesses.

In the south of the Royal Borough, there are just two such co-working spaces offering basic facilities at budget rents of around £300 a month.  One, the  Chelsea based Refinery, has closed leaving more than thirty tenants ‘officeless’; the other 21 Ellis St is now considering its options as it faces a massive Business Rates bill and other overheads.

The loss of these spaces will be a massive blow to the Borough’s entrepreneurs.  Without a business base, many startups will leave the Borough.
Does that matter? 

Yes, is the answer and here’s an example of their importance.

Leconfield, now one of the Borough’s major employers started life at 21 Ellis Street with just three employees….today, it employs over one hundred and thirty and through its downstream activities provides hundreds of jobs.
The Government shortsightedly gave a Business Rates holiday to retail, leisure and hospitality but ignored co-working spaces so essential to the vibrant economic life of the community.


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