TALK | Are London’s cycling policies working for everyone?

3 September 2019   6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

£5-£15  KPF, 7A Langley St, WC2H 9JA

A lot of money has been spent on constructing cycle lanes and other infrastructure in the capital in recent years and many large claims are being made for their success. But are the goals of London’s cycling policies really being met? Could the money have been spent more effectively? Has the focus of the policies of Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan and TfL been on the right things? Has too much faith been put in street infrastructure changes at the expense of other measures to increase and broaden London’s cycling demographic? Have such questions ever been properly addressed?

This event, co promoted with the website OnLondon, will explore these under-examined issues. Panelists will include Rita Krishna, who, as a councillor in Hackney where cycling rates are very high, worked closely on road safety and street design issues, Pat Brown of Central consultancy, who believe the capital needs a new Movement Code to govern how we move around our streets. Jill Rutter from the Institute of Government, who recently wrote about being knocked off her bike yet again by aggressive male cyclists and Leon Daniels, who, as TfL’s surface transport boss 2011-2017, shaped and oversaw the delivery of much of London’s new cycling infrastructure. 
OnLondon’s Dave Hill will chair. Photo © Carlton Reid / Forbes


Upcoming Event: Are London’s cycling policies working for everyone?