Last week was both fun and scary. I attended my first proper class of Singing for Breathing at the Royal Brompton. I really enjoyed it and came out feeling glad I had gone! It is for people with lung conditions and it is reassuring to be singing – or at least trying to sing – alongside other individuals who have problems with their lungs, some of whom have been going for a couple of years. 

Making sure I get out and ‘do things’ like this when I can is good for me and makes a difference. It is easy to stay in and just hop to my desk to write from time to time but that isn’t the greatest boost for my wellbeing. Just going to Tesco is not good enough! 

I was looking forward to Wednesday as well. One of my new friends I have made through the wonderful On Hand organisation was coming to pick me up, along with her dog Howie, and take me and Dolly to the park. What a treat. The dodgy knee and bouts of breathlessness make the walk to Holland Park a little far now and so a lift is very welcome. 

Being with Alison I thought it might be safe to take Dolly off her lead. She so loves to run around and meet other dogs. Big mistake! One minute she was there and the next she was gone. Hearts in mouths we spoke to other dog owners, the parks reception, the parks police – lovely people – and then we received a call. Complicated, I had forgotten to bring my phone but Alison had given the police her number. My friend and neighbour Janet had called the park to say Dolly had come home and was at her house with Lily her Yorkshire Terrier.

Just to put that in context. We live in Pembroke Road, a garden square above the council offices and near the big Tesco on Cromwell Road. She had taken it into her furry head to go home in Holland Park. You will never be let off the lead again Dolly! 

It seemed really appropriate after that to make an effort to go to an event that we had written about on the site – A Blessing of the Animals at St Philips Church on Earl’s Court Road. Alison, Janet and I with Howie, Lily and Dolly went to the delightful service on the Feast of St Francis of Assisi led by the very special Rev Pippa Turner. Lots of other dogs, a feisty cat and a guinea pig. I told Dolly to ‘confess’ and ask for forgiveness!!  Afterwards, Janet and I went to the Scarsdale Tavern where we had a restorative drink or two and wondered again how she managed to find her way home.  To look at her in our picture you wouldn’t think she could be so adventurous, would you?!!



A Song or Two and an Adventurous Small Dog
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