Well, we’ll certainly all have to dig deep to find our strength to tackle this latest lockdown, while at the same time maintaining some optimism at the thought of the vaccines that are being administered widely now. I am waiting and hoping it will be reasonably soon for me.

Strangely I am finding it increasingly easy. I have worked out a ‘resilience plan’ for myself. I have realised that careful daily planning is the answer – for me anyway. And that is something most of us have the time to do now. 

First of all, I realised that I had to take care of my health – as well as I can, given that I have both a heart and a lung condition.  I am waiting for another test, which despite the lockdown I am confident that I shall be able to have later in January, and then the doctors meet to decide what options they can offer me! 

So what can I do to help myself, well to start with I can get my blood sugars down – yes, a little over-indulgence in recent weeks! I have put on weight, not eaten healthily and have not been getting enough of even limited exercise. All those things are within my power to change. It just needs discipline and a plan!

I have long been a fan of Dr Michael Mosley – he of the 5.2 Diet, the Blood Sugar Diet, the Clever Guts Diet and the Fast 800 Diet – along with his range of cookery books produced by his wife Dr Claire Bailey and Justine Pattison (Fast 800 Easy Recipe Book and the Fast 8oo Recipe Book ) and with Nutritionist Joy Skipper (The Clever Guts Diet). I can highly recommend the series. As well as being a ‘good read’, they have. become an inspiration to me. So many good ideas. 

I confess that recently I lost interest in food – anything would do. I tried various healthy food companies, in the end, they didn’t meet my needs. This was my opportunity for a new hobby for lockdown. Operation Annie’s Food – Doing it My Way – with a little help and inspiration from the sources I just mentioned. 

And so next to list foods and condiments I didn’t have in my fridge and cupboards. Get rid of the ‘baddies’. Make a plan and execute it. Online shopping has become pretty easy now – even for a technophobe like me! Tesco Online for one of my primary slots, a long list and then top up by using Deliveroo who now works with grocery stores, including Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. They deliver in 20 minutes. 

Plenty more activities to occupy my time. Along with writing, connecting with friends and re-connecting with friends from my past. I have also decided to start writing my story! The Breathless Survivor. 

But, I need lots of time for thinking and doing – enter Lockdown. Anyone can make a plan like this and I encourage you to start. I have managed to get all my supplies, including additional cooking utensils, through Tesco, Waitrose and Amazon. I have used all the time I have for thinking through my plan. 

I am day three into my ‘new resolve’ and feeling better already. Exercise I can manage around my square and I have weights for strengthening. Dolly is getting her daily walk thanks to ‘her friends and supporters’ – and she trots around the square with me as a bonus.

Speaking personally, I always feel worse if I believe I am trapped and unable to do anything for myself. That is why I am fighting back through Lockdown. Everyone has to find their own way, but making a plan is a start!




Strength From Lockdown!