The whole point of having my own blog on this site is to able to put across personal views and comments – particularly on ‘this ageing business’ and living in Kensington. 

This last week and few days have been a little challenging. Another of those boring chest infections – ninth course of antibiotics this year – somewhat worrying!

I managed to get to my Singing for Breathing class on Tuesday 8 and took part in a short performance at the Arts Day in the lobby of the Sydney Street entrance of the Royal Brompton Hospital. I had started wheezing badly and I knew I was probably heading into a ‘problem time’ but I got through it. The only problem is I find the songs keep going through my mind!

It was good to see Councillor Robert Freeman there. He is one of the really ‘good guys’ and does so much for, particularly, older residents. 

When I got home I knew!! Out with the antibiotics and rest in order. Well, good time for lots of reading and a book I have just finished that I would really recommend is The Secret Barrister – by the blogger – ‘stories of the law and how it’s broken’. A great and fascinating read. 

It is also a good time for reflecting on life in general. If I am honest, this can be time for ‘worrying’ as well. I think about all the things I haven’t done, want to do and know I really should be doing –  but just don’t feel well enough.  

I don’t want to sound morbid but I must write my will and make arrangements for when I depart this life – which, of course, I hope won’t be for a long time yet. But, we all need to think about it. I have no family and so look to friends to act as ‘next of kin’ and sort things out – and that worries me. I am recruiting for Team Annie. 

When I start to feel better – and that is happening slowly – I manage to do things again, such as de-cluttering. The will is next!

I worry too about the site. I hate several days going by without stories going up. And that is why I am so very grateful to Dave Hill of On London who allows us to post some of his stories on topics of general interest to all Londoners. Thank you Dave. Your knowledge and generosity is much appreciated. 

It is also why I am looking for volunteer journalists/writers who might like to write for the site. Sadly I don’t have a budget for writers yet – but that is on the wish list. I am meeting someone next week who could be interested – fingers crossed!

An improvement on the health front allowed me to go to a very interesting meeting last night – hosted by Kensington and Chelsea Social Council with the Portobello Business Centre. I need to set up a Community Interest Company (CIC) to support the work of the site. 

CICs are types of companies set up by the UK goverment in 2005 under the Companies Act 2004. They are designed for social enterprises and not for profits that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. They are intended to be easy to set up with all the flexibility and certainty of a traditional company.

It was a great meeting with lots of information and part of a programme being run aimed at RBKC residents – mainly living in North Kensington or providing services to the area, as its part of the Grenfell Recovery Strategy – who want to start their own business. It is an opportunity to attend free courses and seminars. For more informtion contact 020 7460 5050.

I met Susie Sollis last night who has the most brilliant business she wants some help and guidance with – Meow and Barker, ‘bespoke pet attire’. I am lining up some orders for her. Great designs and all on Instagram. She deserves to succeed and I know she will. 

And now back to work on a number of stories on my ‘to do’ list. I am thinking of Spread the Word as a name for the CIC, after all that is what I am committed to doing.


Time for Reflections and Reading
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