Sunday, 20 October 2019

Back in May- with no consultation with worried residents-the Council allowed Harrods to continue its transition from a department store to a vehicle for multiple boozing outlets. 

On the advice of Senior Planning consultant, Fiona Rae, the Committee was told to allow the Al Thani tribe to open a wine bar for 365 days a year!

Fiona Rae

As a sop to residents, Rae attached a few strings.

What she did not do was submit a vital piece of evidence showing a route to a rooftop smoking area setting a precedent allowing the Harrods ‘bazaar’ to stay open until the early hours, 365 days a year.

Harrods have now decided to appeal against the conditions on the odd and spurious grounds that they were heckled! 

How the Al Thani tribe must have wished they were back home so protesting residents could be thrown into the dungeons they keep for dissidents and troublemakers.

Rudely, Rae refuses to return calls from residents.

Planning is not a job for students 

Our Planning Department has for years been a law until itself. 

The chairman of planning needs to be tough, experienced and capable of standing up to developers and their advisers.

It is a failure of leadership to appoint a twenty six-year-old student ‘ingenu’ at £55,000 a year to do this job.

Step down, Cllr Thalassites and finish your uni studies.

In the meantime, all residents should write to the Planning Inspectorate….

The Dame

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The Dame: Harrods and their little Rae of Sunshine
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