Friday, 29 April 2022

Sir Simon Jenkins, the author and Kensington resident has come up with a dynamic proposal to revitalise the area surrounding St Mary Abbotts.

As they are….cold and austere


As they could be….. warm and welcoming

A proposal is put forward today to revitalise the setting of Kensington’s parish church, St Mary Abbots.

It would remove railings and open up open space around the church and create a new pocket park, Vestry Gardens, in the churchyard behind it. The effect would be to create a new piazza and visual focus at the foot of Kensington Church Street, bringing the church into greater prominence at the heart of the old village. It would also double the amount of open grass and public space round Kensington Church Walk, much of it little used at present.

The proposal prepared by urban designers Publica and is the initiative of local resident, the author, Simon Jenkins, and supported by others living in the neighbourhood.

‘The church needs to be freed from its hostile cage of railings, says Jenkins, ‘and the gardens from a forest of dark vegetation and yet more railings. This is the last historic vestry enclave in London and should be celebrated as such. There is room for more open space and play areas, as well as for café tables and stalls.’

The proposal is being submitted to the church, school, neighbours and local council for their consideration. 

Jenkins has undertaken to help raise money for the scheme should any progress be made with it. 

If anyone wants to know more or contact Simon Jenkins please drop the Dame an email and she will provide his contact details:

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