This is a Russian lady with the odd name of Daria Radionova!
According to Hilaire Belloc, the English upper classes liked nothing better than the sound of breaking glass.

New Russian and Arab money likes nothing better than driving around the streets of Knightsbridge creating a degree of noise that makes life here unbearable.
Poor Knightsbridge…squalid and tawdry.




Her ‘tool’ for making our lives a living nightmare is this monstrous car covered in vulgar Swarovski glass chips.

One gentlemanly Englishman politely asked why she needed to cruise the area creating a deafening roar. 

He was roundly abused for his impertinence. 

“it’s the natural sound of the engine not my driving’‘ was her retort.

No other country would allow vulgar visitors to use its capital city as a playground.

The Dame

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The Dame: Broken, Degenerate Knightsbridge …